Value Adding Expert

At Valex Service, every expert in each field is
committed to increasing the value of our customers.

Value Making

Valex Service creates real value.

People First

Valex Service places the happiness of our members
and customers as the first priority.

Living Together

Valex Service contributes to a society
where we can all thrive through various activities.

Business Area

Valex Service is a company that realizes values beyond simply providing services.

Manufacture Support

Valex Service can not only perform specialized technical services but also all other tasks required at the manufacturing site.

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Human Resource

We provide total solutions to HR challenges with comprehensive support for human resources.

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Facility Management

Products that are recognized for their value over time become luxury items.

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Global Recruiting

We provide services for all tasks based on professional solutions from A to Z for comprehensive general affairs of enterprises.

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Business inquiry

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We advocate challenges and passions!

Domestic Recruiting

We search for talented and passionate people!


Overseas Recruiting

Challenge yourself further and go abroad!





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Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul