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VALEX Service


Human Resource

We provide total solutions to HR challenges with comprehensive support for human resources.


We provide strategic planning, proposals, and consulting services related to the recruitment of new and experienced employees to our clients. Valex Service supports clients to quickly recruit the talent they need through our pool of human resources.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • We find the right talent in the right place through specialized consultants in various fields such as manufacturing, IT, and distribution.
  • We provide high-quality services by configuring TF for each project to provide quick service.
Human Resource Dispatch

Through our HR solution, we can dispatch the human resources that our clients need, which provide our clients flexibility in personnel management and reduction in recruitment costs.Valex Service contributes to increasing the productivity and efficiency of customer companies by dispatching professional personnel to the right places.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • We have a large pool of human resources in various industries, so we can respond quickly to customer needs.
  • We operate a legal team composed of lawyers and labor attorneys.
Financial Contract

A consulting team composed of financial experts provides top BPO services for areas such as call centers, debt collection, and loan operations.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • You can maximize your performance through Valex Services' financial product sales experts.
  • We increase customer productivity by strengthening the members' job competencies through our own training programs.