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VALEX Service


Facility Management

Products that are recognized for their value over time become luxury items.

Valex Service strives to maximize the value of customer assets by providing high quality and high-class services.


We strive to create a high-quality hotel environment by maintaining comfortable conditions in domestic luxury hotel rooms and common areas. To this end, we are doing our best to provide services that meet the needs of our customers by recruiting experts in each field.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • We have experts in various fields such as guest room maintenance and common maintenance.
  • We operate professional QM (Quality Manager) personnel to control quality in order to maintain high quality services.
  • We have our own training programs to strengthen the competencies of our members and provide competitive services through this.

Valex Service considers the optimal facility management solutions suitable for the customers’ assets. We increase asset value by maintaining facilities and equipment in the best condition through routine and regular inspections of facilities, and promote efficiency and cost reduction by taking measures to save energy. Experts in each field analyze the characteristics of the site and customer needs to establish and manage operation plans.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • We have secured a number of large companies that maintain contracts for a long period of time after the initial contract by providing highly satisfying services to customers.
  • We have management experts in each field to provide optimal services.

By identifying the characteristics of facilities and buildings, the best security plan is established and operated to protect our customers' assets from various incidents. We provide thorough security services such as access control and vehicle control in special industrial parks that require security.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • In addition to building-level security services, we have the experience and capability to systematically provide security services in large-scale industrial parks that require a large number of personnel.
  • We provide customized security services tailored to customer requirements.

We will create a comfortable indoor and outdoor environment by establishing an appropriate beautification plan through the latest equipment and sanitary worker training.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • We provide high-quality environmental beautification services based on years of experience in providing systematic environmental beautification services in large-