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VALEX Service


Manufacture Support

Valex Service can not only perform specialized technical services
but also all other tasks required at the manufacturing site.

We will take responsibility for the best performance of our clients' production assets with our know-how and experience in the high-precision industry.

Equipment CM

The semiconductor industry is a business built on high-precision devices, and maintaining equipment performance is directly linked to productivity. Valex Service performs professional maintenance services such as pre-maintenance, cleaning, chemical supply, and reassembly of precision equipment so that semiconductor production equipment can operate smoothly without failure.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • By securing professional personnel to handle manufacturing equipment, we can thoroughly perform equipment PM tasks in major manufacturing processes that require expertise.
  • In particular, we have the know-how in equipment PM work in semiconductor manufacturing processes.
Facility Technology

Sophisticated and complex semiconductor production facilities must be maintained so that semiconductor production lines can operate continuously 365 days a year without a hitch. Valex Service is responsible for maintaining specialized and difficult facilities such as clean room air conditioning equipment (boilers, refrigerators, air conditioners), power equipment, semiconductor equipment, chemical supply facilities, etc.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • We have the know-how to maintain sophisticated and complex semiconductor facilities without defects and interruptions for many years.
  • We have the ability to respond appropriately to situations through skilled professional personnel.
Manufacturing Support

In order to achieve smooth production, it is also important to maintain a clean condition along with proper maintenance of facility equipment and devices. Valex Service cleans FOUPs according to production schedules, maintains the cleanliness of manufacturing facilities such as plenums and machine rooms, and supports smooth production by carrying out inter-process transportation of semiconductor wafers, which require very careful handling, according to the production flow.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • We handle precise equipment such as FOUPs and perform work according to the production flow, contributing to the increase in production efficiency of our customers.

We carry out the work of packaging finished products produced according to proper work procedures, and contribute to increasing the work efficiency of our customers by systematically managing performance and quality.In particular, we have been carrying out packaging for finished semiconductor products for many years, which are sensitive to the external environment and are difficult to handle.

Why VALEX Service ?
  • Our systematic performance and quality control know-how can improve the customer's production capacity and increase production efficiency by reducing the defect rate.