A company that realizes values beyond simply providing services

VALEX Service


CEO's Message

Valex Service will be your best partner, adding value and creating innovation for your businesses.

Since the establishment in 2010, Valex Service has achieved significant quantitative growth such as employing approximately 5,700 employees and surpassing 255 billion won in sales by 2021, despite our short business experience. I believe we were able to grow this far because of our customers who trusted us and gave their support and encouragement, and the members of Valex Service who spared no efforts in their endeavors.

Based on our accumulated business capabilities and foundation for growth, Valex Service provides specialized high-quality services in various business areas such as Manufacture Support (production professional contracting), Human Resource Support (recruitment, dispatch, contracting), and Facility Management Service (hotel, facility management, security, and professional beautification).

In addition, as a value-adding partner that creates greater value for individuals and customers by providing professional and differentiated services, Valex Service is also doing its best to realize social value through increasing employment for people with disabilities and supporting public interest foundations as a member of a society where people can thrive together.

All of our employees will continue to establish ourselves as partners providing the highest quality services in the future.

“Valex Service will always be there to realize our customers’ values and successes.”