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VALEX Service

About Our Affiliates

Introducing affiliates of Valex Service.

Pantech C&I

Pantech C&I is an IT Specialist trusted by customers in specialized fields such as IT consulting, SI, SM, and IT outsourcing based on long experience in logistics, distribution, and mobile IT services as a holding company under the values of integrity management and ethical management. As a company, we are growing into a company that contributes to society by investing in venture companies and technology companies.

PNS networks

PNS networks performs various logistics tasks such as international and inland transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, bulk and project cargo, and has maintained close business relationships with over 100 global partners around the world. We are the 8th in the industry to obtain AEO certification, and we are saving customers' transportation costs and delivering goods safely, accurately and quickly by building a customized IT infrastructure.

PNS Logis

PNS Logis has shown continuous growth since it started its domestic transportation business in 2014, and is establishing its position in the domestic logistics industry through its logistics experience in various products such as semiconductors, materials, and hazardous chemicals

Valex Expert Cargo

We will be your safe partner for your successful business.

Valex Expert Cargo is a special transportation corporation that provides comprehensive logistics services for valuable cargo such as domestic and overseas transportation and storage of various valuables including cash, precious metals, jewelry, securities, and gift certificates. Balex is doing its best to provide a safer and more customer-oriented differentiated integrated logistics service with various advanced transportation equipment, large safe storage facilities, and a perfect accident compensation system.

Pantech C&I Engineering

Pantech C&I Engineering, a leading technology-based business solution company, has been building basic communication infrastructure such as repeaters and transmission equipment in 1997 and has grown into the best communication equipment company in Korea that supplies 4G LTE-based repeaters, transmission equipment, Wifi, Femto Cell, etc. Pantech C&I Engineering has the best technology in the field of communication equipment, from developing the world's first Giga Wifi solution to commercializing Home Femto Cell.