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  1. How do I know the results (pass/fail) after the interview?

    The person in charge of the relevant recruitment information, in addition to the interview results, sends individual notifications directly over the phone.

    However, if notification of results is somewhat delayed due to the recruitment schedule, please contact us by phone to confirm your acceptance status.

    Those who are not accepted can apply for other recruitment information if the conditions are met through our recruitment system, and we provide assistance through continuous management.
  2. Is it possible to apply with duplicate recruitment information?

    Please apply for employments suitable for you, and you can only apply for one field per person, and please forward duplicate applications verbally to the relevant person in charge.

    However, there may be cases where the interview schedule overlaps, so please decide your priority when applying if possible.

  3. Will I be contacted or should I visit after applying online?

    Please contact us by phone first and visit us if possible.

    We will contact you first, but if we are unable to contact you due to a large number of applicants, please schedule a direct interview with the person in charge and get guidance through an in-office visit.

    If the competition rate is high, interviews will be conducted mainly for visitors, so even if it is troublesome, please visit us and consult with the person in charge.

  4. Do I have to pay a fee to Valex Service when I begin work?

    No. This is a confusion with “service providers” that were rampant in the past. You receive 100% of your salary and do not pay us any fees. What is deducted from your salary is your contributions to the national pension, employment insurance, health insurance, and taxes.

    Fees for dispatch and contracting are paid  to Valex Service Co., Ltd. separately by the “A” company (see Note 1) where you work .

    (Note 1)

    A: Working company

    B: Valex Service Co., Ltd.

    C: Workers

  5. Can I get unemployment benefits from employment insurance when I resign?

    Employment insurance unemployment benefits can only be paid if you meet the following eligibility conditions for unemployment benefits.

    [Eligibility conditions for employment insurance unemployment benefits]

    ① If the reason for resignation is not of your own and you leave the company unavoidably

    ② If the employment insurance period is 6 months or more regardless of the place of work

    You must meet all of the above qualifications to receive unemployment benefits. In this case, be sure to check the processing method after talking to our employment insurance representative over the phone because there are documents that need to be attached after confirming with the “A” company where you work.

    Payment criteria vary depending on the period of employment insurance and the reason for resignation, so please refer to the employment insurance website ( for details.

  6. When is the severance pay date?

    Severance pay is accrued after working for at least one year, and the payment is made on a separate date after the last payroll payment date.

    Severance pay dates vary depending on the payroll payment date, so please contact Valex Service Co., Ltd. When you resign, record the date of leaving the company, submit and confirm a letter of resignation, and your health insurance card, and then make a confirmation call.

  7. How do I view my payslip on the website?

    You can view it through the Family menu at the top right of the website, but since it is available for registered members, please log in first before using it.

    In addition to checking salary, current employees who have completed membership registration can freely use the menu for issuing certificates and bulletin boards.

    If you have forgotten your ID or password, please contact us at 02) 707-0680.